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Pickup Assemblies, the best of all worlds.
Transform your guitar, with 8 screws, and 2 wires.

Ozone Guitars - TSS32 Pickup Assembly

Pickup Assemblies are the heart of a guitar's sound.  They are the easiest way to transform your guitar.  Pickups and other components are assembled on the pickguard and wired, a balanced system, for easy installation with 8 screws and 2 wires.

This is similar to my original tapped assembly in 1977.  Same look, but more refined, and additional sounds.  3 switches, 2 knobs.  The switches are mounted on a sub-panel below the pickguard.  Lower-profile, about half the switch-lever is above the pickguard.

The bridge pickup is a T, mid and neck pickups are S.  This gives best balance.  S pickups have covers.  The tone control is a 6-position rotary switch.

New Products

New products will include:  Guitars,  Preamps,  and Wood products.  Guitars will have preamps built-in.  Preamp-line-level can go out to PA, recording console, or powered-monitor.  The pickups can also go to usual guitar amps.

It seems no one has just one guitar anymore, but with this, you could, "do it all with one guitar"