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Ozone Guitars - Tech Info

  Adjusting pickups:

Pickups produce output by moving the magnetic field "through" the coil.  Having a strong magnetic field "above" the pickup does not necessarily mean it will have a strong output.  A strong magnetic field "above" the pickup "Will" restrict the vibration of the strings, and produce annoying overtones.

My pickups do Not have a strong magnetic field "above" the pickup.  Therefore, they can be set closer to the string without annoying overtones, "and" output drops off more rapidly as the pickup is moved away from the string.

I set the bridge pickup about 1/16" from the string on the treble side, and the neck pickup about 3/32" (with the string fretted at the last fret).  Then I adjust the bass side according to how much low end I want with my usual amp settings.  This is usually farther away, but never closer than the treble side.  Sometimes the neck and/or middle pickup is even farther away for balance, but usually not, because the pickups are wound differently for balance.

  Taps, series, parallel, etc.

Taps on a coil (more or less turns) alter the sound by changing the Output and Impedance of the coil.  They can be placed precisely for balance, and can work on either single, or pickups in combination.

There have been experiments with series, and parallel.  This provides some additional sounds, but with extreme differences.  Taps provide more usable sounds.

"Neither" series or parallel is "Also" a great sound.  An amp for each pickup, but amps have not been designed to make this easy (and portable)  "Yet"...


Routing for my current pickups should be about 1.05" deep.  This is getting very close to the trem spring routing on the back, but only because the back routing is often deeper than necessary.  1/2" deep on the back is enough for the springs, this leaves enough between the top and back routing.

My bodies are all hollow, so routing depth is a non-issue.


People get sounds stuck in their ears.  Anything that has been recorded and played on the radio has a LOT of dynamics processing that no one even mentions.  "It's all in the time-constants".  This becomes part of "The Sound" (in people's minds).  Also the times, what was going on, "back then", ...

  To be continued...